Thursday, February 3, 2011

Be encouraged. You have Joy.

So Tuesday I came down with a cold virus and an ear infection. UGH. Talk about being frustrated. I have not been well since the beginning of November. I've had colds off and on, just now getting over Bronchitis (which I've had since the beginning of December), developed allergy induced asthma, and now this. Last night my ear drum ruptured. My ear feels much better now though. I could go on and on...

It's so easy to get into this downward cycle of self pity. Self pity...saying it out loud sounds absolutely pathetic to me...probably because it is. It is 17 degrees outside and I'm in shorts and a T-shirt laying in a warm bed. I have food in my pantry (thanks to a very cold and very needed grocery trip Tuesday). I have all of the resources I need in my apartment to create my lesson plans. I have a fiance that calls just to say hey and tell me a funny story. I have a family that always puts things into perspective and loves me even when I'm in a bad mood. I have so many friends that truly love and care about me. There's a lot of 'me' in this blog. Sorry about that.

Anyway, once I got over myself I  remembered what Bro. Steve said on Sunday, "Don't focus on what you don't have! Focus on what you do have, and you DO have JOY in your salvation through Jesus Christ! So be encouraged!" I've been saved by the blood of the only God. He has forgiven me of all sin and loves me for who I am right now. He makes earthly love look like hate. He is life, my life, my hope, and my strength and yet sometimes I act like it doesn't matter compared to what today is like.  Hmmm...I hope I can remember what Bro. Steve said the other day, especially on days that I'm completely wrapped up in myself.


  1. It's ok to feel that way every now and then, goodness knows I've been in a self-pity mood quite a bit! BUT God is a God of grace and even when we feel terrible, he is gracious to us and provides even when we may not deserve it. How about he provides ALWAYS, and we almost NEVER deserve it :) That is a definite! Hope you're loving this blogging thing! :) I loved it... maybe I should do it more?

  2. Yes I agree. Well put :) We are blessed. I AM loving this blogging thing! :) You should!