Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Those roses sure smell sweet!

Oh. my. goodness. Wedding planning is *so* much fun.

It's surreal to me that I am actually planning my wedding! At the age of three I started daydreaming about my wedding and my husband. Yes three. I know...weird. I never dreamed much about the colors of the dresses, the flowers I would carry, or the cake we would eat...I always dreamed about the emotion of the day. The skip of a heart beat when I put on my dress. The deep breath I would take when it hits me that I am about to marry my best friend. The sudden rush of excitement right before I walk down the aisle with my dad. The overwhelming joy that would come from seeing my husband standing there, smiling, and waiting for me, his bride. The fun I would have at the reception dancing and eating and being silly...

 It is CRAZY, I know. Haha! BUT now that I'm actually planning my wedding I feel as though I'm in a dream. I am having such a blast!! My future sis-in-law tells me, "remember to remember." In other words, stop and smell the roses every chance you get! Oh boy, those roses sure smell sweet! ;)

Kevin and I are about to book our honeymoon and start applying for jobs!! I'm about to live with a that's just crazy weird!

I'm loving every minute of day dreaming... about the future, all the emotions of our day AND all the silly little things like the flowers I'm going to carry and the cake I'm going to eat. Ha! I've got it bad.

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